can I pass a 3000 3000 rpm single phase motor?

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if you can run a motor from 1500 to 3000rpm single phase. The thing is this: I have a motor of 4 poles of 1500rpm and I would like to pass to 3000 with those same coils. Could the connectivity of these coils be changed? That is to say, instead of connecting the crossed coils successively, connect the first two in series and cross from the second coil to the fourth and from this to the third in series to be with the two ends of opposing output wires, working winding as the starter. Can you? I hope some lucid skull can clear this doubt.

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    Hi Rolancop: If you have a power of 50 cycles per second, a motor of a pair of poles, will have a theoretical speed of 3000 RPM, (50x60 = 3000). but in reality will be 2750 at 2800 rpm, by the skating for reaction of the squirrel cage, if you find the way to modify the connections of the coils so that every two are one, you will increase the rpm to what you want, but it will depend on the design , the winding and imbrication thereof. luck

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    Grace edurau. I'll try the time.

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You can not do it because you would only use two coils, unless you used half the voltage
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    hello July, thanks for your concern, but I was thinking of putting all the coils together. to join the first and second coils in series and occupy the first 12 slots and from the second coil to join it crosswise with the coil coil which in turn would be connected in series with the third coil and thus the latter two (the fourth with the third coil) occupy the remaining 12 slots. The same in the start and the work after with the four wire exits would make the normal connections of a motor but always occupying all the coils of the motor of 1500.
    can you

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    ... if joining all the coils as it says in series, it achieves the two poles should work effectively ...

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    the coils are already united in series, modifying their connection the only thing that you will achieve is to lower the speed and the power of the motor